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26 December, 2016

How Healthiest Protein Powders Have Proved To Be Beneficial For Men?

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Men love to have muscular body with a well toned body shape. With regular exercise regimen and proper diet achieving this goal is not impossible. However, there are times when it is seen that a diet containing vitamin and fiber laden fruits and vegetables, lean protein and high quality carbs is not giving the desirable results in the workout sessions. This means that there is some kind of gap in the diet or in the workout regimen, which is not hindering getting the desired results. In such a situation, whey protein can be of great help. However, this is the not the sole reason of taking whey protein powder. There are other benefits of the same as well.

Top reasons why you should include best whey protein powders in the diet:

• Helps in increasing strength and size

Many men who are looking to make strength gains start hitting the gym on regular basis. There was a study conducted on 19 men, who performed resistance training for a period of 10-weeks. Some men were given 14 grams of casein and whey protein along with 6 grams of free amino acids. Remaining people were given 20-gram placebo. After workouts it was seen that people who consumed whey protein produced better muscle strength and fat free mass in the body. The best way of consuming whey is by taking the same one hour prior and one hour later after the exercise regimen.

• Helps in losing fat and preserving muscle mass

Most men reduce calorie intake so that they can shed off excess flab from the body. This might not be as easy as said. Researchers in Minnesota did a 12-week study where almost 500 calories intake were reduced in individuals. While some among them were given whey protein, others were given isocaloric mix beverage. People who consumed whey lost great amounts of body fat (6.1% in total). Not only this, these individuals also preserved their muscles well when compared to other people. If you feel hungry sometime in the afternoon or evening, try munching on a whey protein bar.

• Helps in curbing hunger

Binge eating leads to accumulation of weight and excess fat in the body. Consuming whey protein isolate powders can help in curbing appetite and stops impulsive eating. In a research conducted randomly on people, it was found that the ones who consumed just 50 grams of whey had reduced levels of ghrelin. This is the hormone, which sends signals to the brain that one is hungry. With lower levels of this hormone, the feeling of hunger diminishes. Refrain from eating junk foods. Instead you can try drinking protein shakes for best results.

• Helps in preventing type 2 diabetes in humans

If you are looking to prevent diabetes in humans, it is recommended including healthiest protein powders in the regular diet. Various scientific researches and study results have proved that inclusion of whey protein powder in the diet helps in keeping type-2 diabetes under control in humans. The type of protein that one takes decides the blood sugar levels in the body. People who took whey protein powders in the forms of shakes and smoothies showed healthy blood sugar levels in the body. Post meal blood sugar spikes were lesser in individuals who consumed whey protein in their diet on regular basis.

Choosing the right protein supplements

You might find the best protein supplements stacked on shelves in the supermarket or departmental store. They come in different varieties – in powder forms, in form of capsules and other supplement varieties. Before you go and purchase the supplements, it is important for you to understand as which variety will be suitable for the body. If you cannot decide on your own, seek assistance of a physician for the same. They are the right people to guide you in this regard.

Protein powders are the most common kinds of supplements used as they can be consumed in many ways. Make a shake by dissolving the powder in water or in milk. These powders are available in different flavors too. Moreover, they can be added in smoothies and ice creams too. Try using these powders two times daily and see the great results that they bring with it.

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